Me-o Mackerel in Jelly Cats Food 80g

Me-o Mackerel in Jelly Cats Food 80g



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Product Description

Me-o Mackerel in Jelly Cats Food


  • ·  Made from Real Sardine and Real mackerel in jelly
  • ·  Improves cats eyesight
  • ·  Boosts cats immune system
  • ·  Strengthens teeth and bones
  • ·  Prevents risk of bladder stone
  • ·  Nourishes cats skin and hair
  • ·  Decreases risk of high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease in cats

The amount fed can be adjusted according to your kitten weight breed, weight and activity level.

It is recommended to serve me-o cats food tuna and whitefish with original me-o dry cats food to  meet  your kitten’s nutrition needs

For the cats that regularly enjoy me- o dry cats food we recommend topping up those nutritional kibbles with our super maximum pleasure

Clean drinking water should be available for your kittens at all times

Store left  over food in re- sealable or tight closing container . left  over food can be kept in refrigerator for 3 day maximum



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