Asian Star Internal Aquarium Filter-FK-1002

Asian Star Internal Aquarium Filter-FK-1002



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Product Description

Asian Internal Aquarium Filter-FK-1002

The Filter Sponge Absorbs Dirt and clears the water

Suitable for both fresh and salt water.

Fully submersible and ideal for any aquarium filtration.

Completely Submersible And, be fit for fresh water and sea water.

Super Quite,efficient energy economizing,easy to clean. 

Compact / Efficient / Durable Power Consumption – 7.5 W Suitable for Planted, Marine, Tropical Fish Tanks Compact & unique design Multi Spectrum LED bulb to provide optimum illumination 120 degree light dispersion Easy installation, Mounted on any aquarium or Bowls

Capacity 500-1000 L/H

Wattage  0-100 W

Length 4.3 inch

Breadth 3 inch

Height 10.6 inch

Weight 500 gm

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