Pet Surrender Form

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Please review and sign below acknowledging the following:
  • The above information reflects the animal in which i am authorizing Plushy Tails to use the information for further work.
  • I am the owner of this animal and have full rights to surrender. Plushy Tails will not be responsible in anycase for the wrong information given by the owner .
  • Plushy Tails will not be responsible for the process of the surrender and adoption of the animal incase anything goes wrong before or after or during the process.
  • Plushy Tails is just a platform to help the owner and their pet meet the new owner for surrender/adoption process.
  • I understand that I cannot ask for this animal back after this form is submitted to Plushy Tails. Incase anything happens like this then the previous owner and the new owner may decide mutually. Plushy Tails may or may not choose to participate in this and has full right of that.