Plushy Tails started with a passion to do something for our four legged friends. They cheer us up when we are out of the places and they pamper us when we need pampering most. All we do is smile when we see our pets. Every day they strive to make us better and they do that with perfection. These are few things which made 3 friends do something in the field of Pet Industry. It just all started with common love for pets at a coffee outlet and thus Plushy Tails was born.

That idea made one of the Partner’s sister also come on board as she felt she can share her experience, education and knowledge with all of us.

Wagging tails is all that matters to us all and thus this site is one stop place for all Pet lovers. Pet industry is one of the unorganised sectors in India and thus we are doing everything to make it more organised . Any kind of feedback is welcomed and we will do our best to make our site more and more friendly for our friends out there.

They have been bringing joy to our lives and and time has come to make them joyful .On this website we are providing the best of the products for our friends taking into consideration their Health, Skin and Pet Body. Paw Dating is one of concepts which we are very positive about and hence we will love to have each of you supporting us . A GPS map is being put in the site so as to make the location of other pets or breeds easier to see.

We have made our website exciting and vibrant by linking our social media page named Paw Diaries to connect all the people from around India and abroad.

We are introducing Delight Box for our friends which will have various items and guarantees to wag the tails in front of our eyes.

As we don’t want to promote ourselves therefore we just want to mention we all are pet parents and have vast experiences in area of Marketing, Fashion , Banking and obviously our love for our pets is undeniable!!